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Chou Ta-kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation "Fervent Global Love of Lives Award" open for application

1. Objectives: To promote spirit of Fervent Love of Lives and encourage hands-on fulfillment of such vision.

2. Target candidates: People throughout the world.

3. Categories:

(1) Medal of Bravery: For those impressing the world with undaunted courage and heroism against challenges or diseases.

(2) Medal of Benevolence: For those glorifying the brilliant side of life, helping people or paying extraordinary piety to parents or others at the price of their own sacrifice or their lives.

(3) Medal of Diligence: For those putting forth extraordinary efforts and industriousness, setting the example to all.

(4) Medal of Achievements: For those having attained remarkable achievements through prolonged and incessant endeavors to benefit other people and the entire society.

4. How to recommend: All individuals, schools, organizations and agencies concerned are requested to send recommendations to the Chou Ta-kuan Cultural & Educational Foundation:

(1) Please use the provided application form, fill out category, concrete facts and supporting certificates.

(2) Please provide the candidate’s autobiography (may be written by the candidate’s parents or recommender, English or Chinese 3000 characters minimum), including highlights of remarkable achievements, behaviors, facts of struggles and influence spread to the society.

(3) Photos and Video (VCD) related to the candidate’s remarkable achievements of behaviors (including 2 2-inch photos and 20 living photos).

5. Duration of recommendation period: March 1 - June 30, every year.

6. Judgement: The Chou Ta-kuan Cultural & Educational Foundation will invite 5 - 7 renowned and respectable people to organize the Selecting Board to conduct preliminary examinations, on-the-spot interviews, re-evaluation, and final review of the candidates.

7. Judgement and announcement: Preliminary review in early December every year; re-evaluation in early January, final judgement in early February next year. The awardees will be announced in a press conference in early March next year.

8. Commendation: The Fervent Love of Lives Medals will be commended and introduced to all through mass media and Internet, as well as Special Journal for remarkable deeds, with scholarships.

9. Conferment: The Medals along with Certificates will be conferred upon the awardees in the conference of Fervent Global Love of Lives Day on May 25 next year.

10. Sponsor: Chou Ta-kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation (Tel: 02-29178770, Fax: 02-29178768, Address: Fl. 3, No. 52, Mingde Rd., Hsindien City, Taipei County, website:, e-mail:

11. Note: this Foundation may select proactively the individuals with special deeds, submit to the evaluation committee for review and then grant awards.

Recommendation Form-Fervent Global Love of Lives