Admission Guidelines of the 2020 Language Study Program for Compatriot Youth (Distance Learning)


1. Objective To improve the Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, and input abilities of overseas compatriot youths.

2. Classroom schedules (1) The program is divided into 2 different batches, each of which is 6 weeks. The date for each batch is as follows: a. The first batch: August 10th to September 18th, 2020. b. The second batch: September 21st to October 30th, 2020. (2) For each batch there are the morning class and the afternoon class to adapt to different time zones. a. Morning class: 9 am to 11 am Taiwan time (GMT+8). b. Afternoon class: 3 pm to 5 pm Taiwan time (GMT+8). (3) Course hours: 36 hours per batch (6 weeks per batch, 3 days per week, 2 hours per day).

3. Eligibility Anyone who is aged above 12 and under 24 (based on the birth date on the passport and the first day of the batch one signs up for), holds a passport issued by his or her country of residence or a Taiwan passport with Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement, currently resides overseas, has good character, and has strong motivation to learn Chinese.

4. Course Contents (1) Chinese language classes. (2) Chinese computer input techniques and network application classes: The classes are intended for participants to be familiar with the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC) "", Facebook's official fan page, and Chinese computer input methods. (3) Cultural classes: The classes include calligraphy, paper art, oriental mask painting, and cultural guides (4 classes per batch. The students can select which class they want to attend and are required to select at least one class throughout the batch.). (4) Exploration in Taiwan: Augmented Reality tour guidance. (4 tours per batch. The students can select which tour they want to attend).

5. Special Features of the Study Program (1) The program is designed intensively to improve the students' Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, and input abilities. (2) The program includes online Chinese-language simultaneous classes (at most 10 students for 1 teacher), and asynchronous online self-study and review platforms. (3) The class is designed for small groups. All participants are required to complete the online replacement test after registration and will be placed in different classes at different levels.

6. Application Procedures (Domestic applications will not be accepted.) (1) Registration date: from now on until capacity for each batch is full. (2) Registration method: please fill in the registration form and attach an ID photo and a copy of the passport information page. Please apply by mail, e-mail to the nearest overseas office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China. Applications that are not transferred by the above offices will not be accepted (No domestic applications will be accepted)

7. Important Notices (1) The cost of the program will be covered by the OCAC. Students will not be charged for admission.
(2) During the program, students must abide by the regulations of this program. If there are major violations, the OCAC may suspend violators from the program according to the regulations. (3) Students are required to attend at least 28 hours of Chinese-Language simultaneous classes (excluding the opening and closing ceremonies, and leaving early doesn't count as one hour.). The organizer will issue an electronic Certificate of Completion in Chinese and in English to those students who complete the program.